How to get Listed on the Lalakoi Directory

How to Register and Get Listed on the Lalakoi Directory

Welcome to the Lalakoi Directory. To list and to add you listing to the lalakoi Directory is really not difficult when you follow this step by step tutorial.


1. First you have to register. Click on Register next to the arrow. if you do not find this page then look at the right hand top corner of the website. There you will find the word “REGISTER” Click on the word and there you go.

register on Lalakoi Directory



2. Fill out the form

A. Username
Choose a username that suits you best. Most people use their names or the name of their business as a user name.

B. Your Email address
The Email address is very important as we will contact you via this email address. Visitors to your listing will send their enquiries to this email address.

C. Your contact No.
Contact No. is also very important as visitors to your listing will want to contact you via telephone to get more information about your services. We have learnt through the years when potential customers want to contact you, they first search the internet to find your contact number. When they do not find your number on the internet, they might use other sources or contact your opposition whose contact number is most probably already on the internet.

D. Your  Name and Surname
Enter your own here.

Here you have to enter the town where your business is situated. This is very important as this helps visitors to search in which town you are situated. This will also be reflected on the google map to plot your business.

Choose a password which you can remember and retype your password to ensure that you have entered the password correctt

G. What is the sum of.
Calculate the two figures and enter the result in the blank space ( eg. 8+4 = 12  Enter the 12)

H. Click on the square to activate after you have read the Terms and Conditions.

I. Last step. Click on the “Register” button. You will now receive a welcome email with your username and your chosen password included.You will now be able to log into your account to add your listing.




register on Lalakoi Directory




As you have your Username and Password you can now login to your account. If you do not get the page as displayed below, don’t worry. Have a look to the right hand side on the top of the website. You “will find the word “LOGIN” next to “REGISTER”. Click on Login and you will find the page as below.Enter your Username and Password activate the square for  ” I agree to the website Terms and Conditions ”  and click on “Login”




login to Lalakoi Directory


4.My Account

Have a look at the previous image. There you will find the word “My Account” on the navigation bar Click on the words “My Account” to have your account details displayed the same as in the image below.


my account on the Lalakoi  Directory



A. My Account Details

Here you will find your profile. You can complete each field. The most important fields are: First Name, Last Name, Email Address, Phone and Country. Please check that the country is set as South Africa, as sometimes people forget to set their country when registering on the website. Just click on the downward arrow and search till you find South Africa. Each field marked with a red * must be filled out. If you would like to change your  password just enter the new password in the spaces provided and your password will be changed.

If you would like to add a profile picture you can . To keep the site uniform we suggest that you upload an image the following size: 250px X 250px. Remember to save the information you have entered here.

B. Create a Listing

From here you will be able to create a listing. We will discuss creating a listing in the next chapter.

C. My Website Listing

Click on this link and you will see your listing. You can also edit your listing from here.

D. and E. My Subscriptions and My Favourites

These are self explanatory


 5. Add Listing

add listing on Lalakoi Directory

Note: You can add your listing via more than one link. 1. See image above The black arrow points to “Add Listing” on the navigation Bar and 2. see image in My Account in previous topic. There you will find “Create Image”. Both these links point to same page – Add Listing


  A. Choose a Listing Package


Listing Packages on Lalakoi Directory


Listing Packages let you pay for each listing separately. Only one Listing will be allowed per email address. If you need to place more than one listing you have to join the directory with a membership option. If you do not see any membership listings below, this option is not yet activated. Please contact us should you need a membership package for your listings. Click on “More Info” to see what we offer for each of the listing packages. Only if your business does not fall under Restaurants, Accommodation or any Tourism Products (activities, tours, things to do etc.) you may choose the business listing category. The reason is that the Restaurants, Accommodation and Tourism Products also get more exposure via our other websites and also in our printed matter.
After you have chosen the appropriate listing package, click on “Create Listing”


how to get listed on lalakoi Directory


B. Enter Your Listing Details

The title must be your business name. The description should not be more than plus minus 1500 characters. Keywords are very important, choose the 8 best keywords that describe your business and what you do best. We will also do a follow up post to promote your business within two weeks after you listing have been published.


how to get listed on lalakoi Directory



C. Choose Your Category/Categories

In the example above we have chosen main category as “DIY” and “Home Improvements” and the sub category as “Handy Man”. Make sure how many categories your listing package allows you to choose. If we do not currently make provision for your category, please contact us, we will do our best to accommodate you.


how to get listed on Lalakoi Directory



D. Now it is time to load your Images

At this stage you should have chosen 9 images plus your logo to add onto your listing. If possible your images are already resized to 640px X 480px. If you have not done it we will resize your images ourselves. Just remember that these images might not have the proportions as you would like your customers to see. Click on “Choose File” , You will now be taken to your computer to load the image. You should know where on your computer you have saved the images needed for your listing.


how to get listed on Lalakoi Directory



 E. Now it is time to add your Listing Details

On this page we need a short description of your business. For example: “Deep Sea Adventures, fishing charters in Mossel Bay takes people on deep sea fishing trips in the Mossel Bay area. We have been operational since 2000.” There are also two places for phone numbers, your Email address, the town you are operating from, your website link as well as the physical address from where you are operating your business. Please enter your physical address as it is now known. (New street name) Some streets in the Garden Route have new names which are not yet known by Google Maps.



how to get listed on Lalakoi Directory



F. Listing Location

See Image above.
First Arrow: Enter your physical address. Remember that google does not accept some of the new street names yet. If you do not find your position on the map 100% enlarge the map by clicking on the + sign. You can also move the red marker to the exact position of your location.
Second Arrow: Agree to the websites terms and conditions and save listing.
You will now be able to see your listing. You can edit your listing and save it again. When you are happy with your listing you can proceed to pay for your listing. Your listing will not be live until you have paid for the listing.


G. This is only an example of what you will see


how to get listed on Lalakoi Directory


To activate your listing click on make payment. Listings not activated within 48 hours will be deleted.



how to get listed on Lalakoi Directory


 I. Payment will be made via Payfast

With Payfast you have the option to pay via Credit Card or instant EFT if you bank with ABSA, FNB, Ned Bank orStandard Bank



how to get listed on Lalakoi Directory



To view our Listing Packages, Click on button  Lalakoi listing packages



If you have any questions about how to add a listing please contact us via Email or contact us on 044 695 1559